April 11, 2014



When Lau, founder of Joyeuse Clique invited me to give the first stylism masterclass at La Maison Pernoise I had one simple idea. 

Create a masterclass STYLISM which people love.

The result is a unique experience...thank you Lau, Leo, Ilaria.

Thank you talented, inspiring, participating women in bussines.
You all posted amazing positive posts about my first stylism masterclass abroad.

I have met inspiring women in all of you and each of you gave me something beautiful in return!

Because of you I do what I love with people I love.



March 28, 2014


Look deeply. 
Cowboy is out. 
Indian is in.

Happy Weekend, weekender. X

March 27, 2014


Powerhouse! This 5 year old Amsterdam Appartement project and very hard work before and after that was the beginning of overwhelming new projects for AnoukB Today! Happy in business

Let us create new things and we're in heaven!

Stay tuned. Be connected. New thins coming soon.

March 14, 2014


To develop new ideas we often go outside, meet new people and different walks of life.
Visiting inspiring places, but also walk around in the neighborhood, nourishes our creative brains with new flavors.

Our new office-studio in the centre of Amsterdam is our perfect place, our hide away in the city where small 'around the corner' ideas become relevant ideas for our clients.

I think we may say, we are a small company with big ideas, for small and big clients.

Creativity without borders...

March 08, 2014



you are

Use what 
you have

Do what 
you can

Beautiful new conceptstore in Haarlem!

For coffee, Fashion, Art and more....
Founders Karen, Daisy en Rogier would love to meet you at PORTRAIT

March 04, 2014


Entrepeneurs tend to have a passion and a vision about the direction they see their company going. But what does that mean and where to start? We think it’s easiest to break with the insiders eye and welcome the outsider. Creating (new) brand rules and redesign will sure help you to find your signature and brand identity. 

Photography: Ester Gebuis
Brand development - styling: AnoukB
Brand: Gray Label

February 22, 2014


We had the pleasure to have a photoshoot at The most local Boutique Hostel in the world and it was a pleasure!

This Hostel, beautiful through simplicity, is that place where people connect in the lobby, relax, work, read a book or do nothing but drinking a Latte macchiato (or vino :-) and blablabla the day away... Located in a small, peaceful street in the centre of Haarlem, close to Amsterdam and the beach (30 minutes healthy bike tour or slow down by train) this is the place to stay. With family, for lovers or alone. Searching for pleasure? You can find it all here.

Photography: Marjon Hoogervorst
Styling: AnoukB

Note: this complete feature is for sale!
Fore more information please contact us by sending your e-mail to Anouk or Lisan at ab@anoukb.com